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A sustainable museum

At Museum Ovartaci we prioritise going green and are streamlining our use of energy by improving the light installations and windows in the showrooms, creative workshops and the workshop for children and young people.

This transition is an important item on the agenda of the Museum as a sustainable operation of public institutions is of extreme importance for our future.

The savings achieved on our energy consumption will be spent on innovative projects for the benefit of our visitors to the Museum of Art and Psychiatric History. NRGi has donated DKK 300,000 to support the realisation of this project.

Ovartaci in Berlin

From 17 March until 23 July it will be possible to visit the exhibition “Human is” at the Schinkel Pavilion in Berlin.


The exhibition “Human is” is a group exhibition whose title is borrowed from the short story of the same name by the American science fiction author Philip K. Dick. He uses the multiple narrative genre and its potential to design different versions of the future and to open the possibility of ‘being human’ as a controversial and possibly not sustainable concept.


The exhibition will include one of Ovartaci’s works. The curators from the Schinke Pavilion in Berlin find Ovartaci’s hybrid creatures interesting and relevant for the exhibition. The wish for a ‘pause’ from rigid categories and formats as illustrated by the many fantasies and non-earthly scenes developed by Ovartaci indicates that he we well ahead of his times and avant-garde – he never hesitated to develop new hybrid categories to live his own life, and created some imaginative future social scenarios with his work.

 Schinkel Pavillon i Berlin
Furniture to return home

The beautiful function room in the historical buildings that used to be home to the Psychiatric Hospital at Risskov will be maintained in its original style. AAB, the owners of the buildings, have decided to preserve the original look of four of the rooms in the building.


At Museum Ovartaci we think this is a very good idea and have offered to the new owners that some of the original pieces of furniture held in the Museum collection will be deposited in the preserved rooms in the future.


The furniture has thus “come home” again, and – let us put it this way: It will be very good! Both the new owners of the building and the Museum are very happy with this solution.


As the refurbishment is currently ongoing in the old hospital buildings, the floor has been covered and the restoration of the walls will happen later in the process.


Recruting volunteer museum guides

Do you relate well with other people? – and are you passionate about telling about art and cultural history so you make a difference to others by removing prejudices and creating an understanding of mental illness and vulnerability?


The new Museum Ovartaci will open in May 2023 and to meet the increased interest in guided tours in connection with the opening, the Museum is now looking for volunteers to boost our passionate team of volunteer museum guides.

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You are important!!!

Museum Ovartaci needs YOU!

The members of Museum Ovartacis Venner (the Friends of Museum Ovartaci) contribute to securing the continued existence of the Museum and its important work of making a difference to others by removing prejudice and creating an understanding of mental illness through art and the history of art.

As a member of the Friends of Museum Ovartaci you will get special and favourable benefits. You will be invited to events, openings of exhibitions, pre-views, special events for friends and a specially reduced price for selected events.


Membership costs DKK 225 per year.

To become a member:
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